Golden State Warriors: Curry Hand Injury, LeBron James’ Genuine Disdain, and NBA Proposed Changes

Updated: December 26, 2019
The NBA has proposed some significant changes to their regular-season schedule but it would be meaningless to the and many other teams. Ratings across the league are down this season. Though it’s likely this is a direct result of numerous star players being injured and the falling off the face of the planet, the NBA is reacting by proposing new changes. Shams Charania reported that the NBA has sent an outline to all 30 teams with changes including an in-season tournament and a reduced regular-season schedule. Sources: NBA has sent teams the proposal for 2021-22 season changes: – 78-game regular season– In-season tournament ($1M per player, $1.5M coaches pool for champion)– Play-in tourneys for 7-8 playoff seeds– Final 4 reseed in playoffs based on regular season records — Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) December 21, 2019 These changes would have a dramatic effect on the NBA’s record book. Read More... State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is recovering from a broken left hand. -- Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is completing "basketball movements" after re-joining the team as he continues to rehabilitate a broken hand, according to head coach Steve Kerr. Warriors guard Curry is recovering from a broken left hand, which required surgery following the incident against the Phoenix Suns on October 30. The Warriors have planned to re-evaluate the injury in February and Kerr provided an update on the two-time NBA MVP on Sunday. "He's been doing basketball movements," Kerr told reporters. Read More... LeBron James Has 'Genuine Disdain' on Stephen Curry Close Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has been asked about his rivalry with now Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James in the past, and he said that he and LBJ respect each other (though it is not like they are the best of friends). This comes as no surprise as the two have gone to face each other in the NBA court for the NBA Finals for four straight years. However, according to latest revelations, there might be more to their so-called feud than what meets the eyes. Is It For Real? Bill Simmons of The Ringer had a discussion with Brian Windhorst of ESPN regarding the release of his new book entitled, " The Book of Basketball 2.0 . Read More...

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