Golden State Warriors – Player Rumors and G League Assistance

Updated: January 7, 2020
MINNEAPOLIS — It seemed that with every shot Jordan Poole took in Golden State, his chances of staying in the game depended on whether or not it went in. Coaches and teammates often credited Poole, 20, for unwavering confidence. However, as he made a league-worst 25.4% of his shots in 29 games this season, his minutes fluctuated until, eventually, they were reduced to nothing. Last week, Golden State sent Poole, the No. 28 pick in June’s NBA Draft, to their G League affiliate in Santa Cruz to get his development on track, and they aren’t putting a date on when they expect him back in San Francisco. After two games in the G League, Poole is getting a chance to play extended minutes without fear of making mistakes. Read More... Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony has not played since Dec. 13 due to a knee injury.While Towns has repeatedly been listed as “questionable” he has yet to make truly tangible progress in his efforts to get back on the floor. However, there may be something else going on behind the scenes. Reports surfaced on Monday suggesting Towns is unhappy in Minnesota and he may want out of town. His status in the Twin Cities has been under examination for some time. Teams showed some interest in possibly acquiring him this past summer, but Towns himself also lobbied for the Timberwolves to go after D’Angelo Russell in free agency. Read More... this under the “things-nobody-expected-to read-when-they-woke-up-this-morning-department.” That’s what Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, NBC Sports Boston, DAZN, NBC Olympics and FS1 has audaciously, and, perhaps, recklessly, forecsted in SI’s New Year’s Day  “NBA Bold Predictions” column. Here’s Mannix’s rundown on how Harden, persona non grata in Golden State, lands in Golden State: “The Super Team Era will begin again with James Harden in Golden State” “We all know the Warriors are the team to watch next summer, with a likely top-five pick and a 23-year old All-Star point guard in D’Angelo Russell to dangle in a trade. Houston is mired in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference and if the Rockets fizzle out early in the playoffs, Houston could look to re-boot. Dealing Harden to a rival may be painful, but a Russell/pick package may be the Rockets best chance to rebuild. Read More...

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