Nuggets Coach Mike Malone to NBA: ‘Shame On You’ for Not Allowing Coaches’ Families in Bubble

Denver Nuggets coach Mike Malone called the NBA’s policy that prohibits coaches from bringing family members in the bubble “criminal in nature.”

With the number of NBA teams remaining in Orlando’s Disney World bubble dwindling, the league has permitted players’ families to enter the restricted confines, making possible plenty of long-awaited reunions.

Coaches, however, are not afforded the same opportunity, something Denver Nuggets coach Mike Malone is taking issue with.

Speaking with media on hand Friday, Malone slammed the league’s policy that prevents coaches’ families from joining them in the bubble, calling it “criminal in nature.”

“I say, ‘Shame on you, NBA.’ This is crazy,” Malone said. “I miss my family, and I think I speak for me, for my coaches and probably all the coaches down here. Sixty days and not being granted the privilege of having my family come here, to me, is criminal in nature, and that shouldn’t be.”

Malone cites a policy that referees are allowed to bring one guest to the bubble, but coaches are not. The reason the league is not allowing coaches’ family members to enter the bubble are unknown, but with the NBA Finals not set to begin until Sept. 30, we likely haven’t heard the last of coaches airing their grievances about this puzzling restriction.


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