MLB Power Rankings: Will White Sox Reign in October?

Chicago White Sox, Kings of the American League?

At long last (though it feels like we’ve only just begun), we’ve reached the finish line.

Not of the regular season, which concludes on Sept. 27. But this is the final non-postseason version of SI’s MLB Power Rankings. Our next edition will run Monday, Sept. 28, and feature only the playoff teams. We’ll circle back around after the postseason with a final 1-30 ranking. 

With a nod to last season’s Power Rankings caretaker, Emma Baccellieri, here’s a haiku for each club. So once more, with feeling, let’s rank:

30. Pittsburgh Pirates (Last Week: 30)

Pity the Pirates

Another painful rebuild

Please don’t make us watch

29. Boston Red Sox (Last Week: 28)

Despair has set in

No banners for resetting

Pitching, anyone?

28. Texas Rangers (Last Week: 27)

New park, same results

Everything is bigger in

Texas, but scoring

Inside The Rangers: GM Jon Daniels Reveals Youthful Team Identity for 2021

27. Los Angeles Angels (Last Week: 25)

Trout deserves better

Another missed postseason

David Fletcher too

26. Arizona Diamondbacks (Last Week: 29)

Save for Zac Gallen

The rotation bit the Snakes

MadBum’s contract: Yikes

25. Kansas City Royals (Last Week: 26)

Losing year again

At least there is two-hit Whit

Someday, Bobby Witt

24. Washington Nationals (Last Week: 23)

Flags fly forever

But wow, what a hangover

Forget-me-now pill?

23. Detroit Tigers (Last Week: 22)

Rotation needs help

Candelario, savior

Can Torkelson pitch?

22. Seattle Mariners (Last Week: 24)

Postseason pipe dream

Two decades, fans stay waiting

Centerfield’s set, though

21. Colorado Rockies (Last Week: 19)

Nolan always knew

Rocktober dreams were just that

A Story time tale

Inside The Seams: Rockies Down with a Case of the Dodger Blues

20. Baltimore Orioles (Last Week: 17)

Taking steps forward

Lose one hundred, nevermore

Birdland leaves cellar

19. New York Mets (Last Week: 18)

Brodie’s seat is hot

DeGrom’s heater is hotter

Good riddance, Wilpons

APSTEIN: After the Worst Night of His Season, Dominic Smith Used His Voice

18. Milwaukee Brewers (Last Week: 21)

Yelich should be fine

But offseason losses hurt

Grandal, Moose are missed

17. Philadelphia Phillies (Last Week: 14)

Could be pretty good

But they actually may have

Worst bullpen ever

16. Houston Astros (Last Week: 15)

Trash cans fall silent

As does the booing of fans

Just wait ‘til next year

15. Cincinnati Reds (Last Week: 20)

Scary rotation

Unlucky offense, so far

Upset recipe?

14. Miami Marlins (Last Week: 16)


Eighteen players had COVID

Mattingly’s best work

13. St. Louis Cardinals (Last Week: 12)

More COVID chaos

Eleven doubleheaders

Just 58 games

12. San Francisco Giants (Last Week: 13)

Lineup of outcasts

Pitchers who are past their prime

But somehow, not bad?

11. Cleveland Indians (Last Week: 6)

Hooray for José

Cleveland rocks, but can they hit?

Ho! Bieber fever

Cleveland Baseball Insider: Bats Wake Up to Snap 8-Game Losing Streak

10. Toronto Blue Jays (Last Week: 10)

Nomadic Blue Jays

What names! Teoscar, Cavan

Lourdes, Rowdy too

9. Atlanta Braves (Last Week: 8)

One good starter, Fried

Best offense in MLB

They sure do need it

Braves Central: Freddie Freeman Making Push for NL MVP

8. New York Yankees (Last Week: 11)

The Bombers are back

LeMahieu rakes, and Luke Voit

Only hits dingers

SELBE: Rock Bottom No More: The Yankees Are Back

7. Chicago Cubs (Last Week: 9)

A. Mills no-hitter?

Yu have got to be kidding

What is Happ-ning here?

6. Minnesota Twins (Last Week: 5)

Marvelous Maeda

Byron, shall you ever walk?

Boomstick stays booming

5. Oakland Athletics (Last Week: 4)

Balanced Athletics

Everybody loves Ramon

Except for Houston

Inside The Athletics: Diekman’s Flirt With Perfection a Major Reason for A’s Success

4. Tampa Bay Rays (Last Week: 2)

The beasts of the East

Brandon Lowe for MVP?

Unlikely, but still

3. San Diego Padres (Last Week: 3)

Unwritten rules stink

Welcome to Slam Diego

Let the kids pimp bombs

2. Chicago White Sox (Last Week: 7)

Dynasty is here

Tim Terrific, Jose too

South Side superstars

MARTELL: White Sox’s Playoff Berth Both Long Overdue and Sooner Than Expected

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (Last Week: 1)

Best team by a lot

What could possibly go wrong?

Heard that song before

Inside The Dodgers: Dodgers Take Two in San Diego and Are the Best in the West


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