Taiwanese Outfielder Fools Entire Stadium With Nonchalant Home Run Robbery

Lin Che-Hsuan had everybody faked out with this incredibly nonchalant grab.

Move over, Kevin Kiermaier. You’re no longer the owner of the best play by a centerfielder this week. 

Lin Che-Hsuan of the Chinese Professional Baseball League’s Fubon Guardians made a spectacular grab that was only made even more incredible by his understated reaction to the grab that had everybody in the ballpark fooled. 

In the bottom of the sixth with the score tied 2–2, Uni-President Lions first baseman Pan Yen-Ting hit a blast to dead center. Lin tracked the ball to the wall, leaped, thrust his glove over the fence and landed back on the ground, his head hanging and his shoulders slumped. The home crowd went wild and Pan circled the bases triumphantly.

But wait! Plot twist! Lin caught the ball. It was a long out, not a go-ahead homer. 

In professional wrestling terms, that’s a perfect no-sell (when a wrestler refuses to react to a maneuver delivered by their opponent). Until Lin threw the ball back to the infield, only four people knew he had caught it: himself and three fans beyond the centerfield wall who you can see losing their minds if you watch closely. 

Lin, who signed with the Red Sox as an amateur free agent and had a cup of coffee in the big leagues with Boston in 2012, may very well have saved the game for the Guardians. Though the Lions scored later in the sixth, the Guardians came back to win the game, 4–3, and take over first place in the second-half season standings. 


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